Here are a few resources that Silver Mountain Instruction recommends

JCAA – The Best Ammunition!

Clean | Consistent | Accurate | Made in the U.S.A.

Second Call Defense

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Further Training
Kenaz Tactical Group
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CO Springs Gun Shop I recommend:
Stop Drop & Shop
Ask for Mark

Dry Fire Practice:

Dry fire practice is an important training tool that will help improve your skills.
• You can do dry fire practice almost anywhere, Of course, avoid public areas.
• It is crucial that you TRIPLE check your firearm to ensure it’s unloaded and ‘dry’
• Place a target on the wall you want to use
• Rack your slide, cocking the trigger
• The gently ‘press’ your trigger until it breaks
• Repeat
• 50-100 times 3-4 times a week (smokeless range)


Ladies Resources: 
The well-armed women
Flashbang Bras
Undertech Undercover Wearable Holsters
Belly Bands