Letters of Referral & Testimonials

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is to recommend, with gusto, Judson Crossland and his company SMI Instruction.

Over the last year I have taken two classes with this company, each personally taught by Judson as lead instructor.  Those classes were the NRA Pistol Instructor class and the Chief Range Safety Officer Class.

The Pistol Instructor class was basically for me to check a box.  I had already been teaching firearms for quite sometime, but my company revamped the certification process and made the NRA credential mandatory.  I signed up for this class expecting it to be tedious and a waste of my time.  That could not have been further from the truth.

Judson takes accountability, safety and fun and rolls it up into a class that’s engaging, informative and challenging.  I’ve never, in all my years around firearms, met someone more passionate about creating the best instructors.

He never gets frustrated if you ask a lot of questions, and he NEVER acts like he’s on a higher level than you, even if you disagree with a method that he’s teaching.  He’s respectful of all his students no matter the circumstance.  I even had to witness him dismiss a student from class and it genuinely bothered him, whereas other instructors are sometimes looking for a reason to be confrontational to weed out the weaker students.  Judson would rather take a weak student and make them better.

SMI has a reputation of always learning FROM their students as well,  taking small bits of education and feedback from each class and constantly evolving the curriculum.

Any SMI class is an opportunity to make new friends, have fun while learning, and expand your network.

As someone who builds and runs gun ranges for a living, I’ve come to know you can’t train your people enough.  SMI is who I will continue to use for my own ranges and who I will refer other range owners to who look to my experience for the best referrals.

Highest Regards,

Jerah Hutchins

Gun Range Consultant

Chief Range Safety Officer

NRA Instructor

Campus Carry Advocate

emPOWERed Board Member

NRA Member

CPR Instructor

Level IV Personal Protection Officer


What an inspiring weekend at the Instructors Course! I’m thoroughly exhausted, but in a good way. As someone who has not spend years and years in the “gun world,” I’m especially cognizant of attitudes and postures in both the “gun world” and the “anti-gun world” (though both those labels are inaccurate). I get nervous sometimes encountering people in who are completely invested in their perspective on firearms, because I straddle both worlds- I see the positives and negatives of both, I get both worlds, and I also don’t completely agree with both world. Because I straddle both worlds, I haven’t always been welcomed in either one, so I appreciate the thoughtfulness you had in leading this class and allowing for people to be in the room who may have varying degrees of perspectives. 

Your class blew me away! In preparing for this course, I was told over and over again to keep expectations low since many times these courses are not taught very well. That was not true for your course! Thank you for putting everything into this. Thank you for your passion and inspiration. You modeled for the class what we need to be for others. When I chatted with my shooting mentor after the class ended, he told me “I think you will be better prepared to instruct than I was.” Not only that, but I would love to spend hours with your coaching, working on skills, drills, etc.  These last several years of my life, I have been facing my fears and overcoming my challenges, but I always know I can be faster, better, and stronger. And I want that- even when I’m honest about being unsure or afraid, I will still go after it! And I want to be able to teach others with the same passion you have, while also hopefully building bridges between the various perspectives. Thank you, Judson!”

Thanks so much! 



I participated in a NRA Basic Pistol Instructors class a few weeks ago in Albuquerque, NM by assisting NRA Training Counselor Judson Crossland.  The following week I also taught a basic pistol class with him in Phoenix.

I have never witnessed instruction as good as Judson’s in my 12 years of primary; 4 years of college; and 3 years of law school education.  Hands down Judson is the best teacher, I have ever witnessed period.  Based upon the time I spent with him, I think he would be an excellent replacement for Andy Lander, if you still are looking.

Yes he is a friend, yes my thoughts on his abilities are genuine, he is that good.

Now that that shameless plug is complete, I have a favor to ask.  All the time Judson was performing his duties as a NRA Training Counselor; and teaching Instructor Level classes he missed out in his opportunity to register for the NRA CCW Instructor Class.  Is there anyway he can still attend?  Even if he has to be on standby, he wants to be a part of it.

If it’s possible please advise, and I will have him contact you or take your direction.

Thanks John, I completely understand if there is no more room.


Take Care.


Sean Maloney
NRA Board Member

To whom it may concern,

I have know Judson Crossland since early 2014. I met him at the range and at that time he was NRA certified pistol instructor who taught people completely new to hand guns how to shoot. I my self am a student of both teaching and shooting who has taken over 20 classes at both Thunder Ranch & Gunsite. I have found Judson to be not only a great student, but a teacher willing to learn from his students. Judson has continued his own education to improve not only his skills but those of his students. I have worked with Judson in teaching and in Law Enforcement positions since meeting him. He would make an excellent NRA Training Counselor.

Yours in Liberty and a safe range,


Timothy Knight
NRA Board Member

To whom it may concern,

My wife, my son and myself all attended a concealed carry class with Judson Crossland in January 2016. It was one of the most thorough gun classes I have ever attended. Not only was Judson extremely knowledgeable on the subjects he covered he was very safety conscious. I felt very comfortable not only in the class but also at the range. His dedication to our instruction and safety showed over and over in the details he covered and the manner in which he instructed.

I would highly recommend Judson to anyone who wants a knowledgeable, conscientious instructor to teach a class.


Kevin Zirk